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over the past few years, the messenger bag has established itself pretty well as a status symbol. i would say that the TIMBUK2 ‘classic messenger’ is to outdoorsy bobos as the birkin bag is to aspiring lindsay lohans. with high-tech ‘stylistic utility’ features like  “LTD Grip Fabric exterior in a never before seen 4 panel […]

1. Accept yourself, but expect more of yourself. 2. Keep an empty shelf, and keep a junk drawer. 3. Take yourself less seriously–and take yourself more seriously.  4. Use your time efficiently, yet make time to play, to wander, to read at whim, to fail. 5. Think about yourself so you can forget yourself.  6. […]

riding the T extensively this past week, my face was inundated by all of these new dentyne ads.  at first glance, i felt like i was sort of drowning in the excessive amounts of pda all around me…but then after realizing that it was a clever call to humanity to tangibly reconnect with our loved […]

Q Drum: Water Transportation Made Easier “The Q Drum eases the task of fetching water for peoples in developing nations. Climate change has required a countless number of people all around the world to travel greater distances to retrieve water for everyday use. The Q Drum allows a child to pull the full capacity of […]

“Community and Privacy – Building in Earthtexture. A Coming Together Place How can we design a building that will be a “coming together” celebration and can help achieve peace? What does this building want to be, and how can it also express the spirit of society?”   We are fourth-undergraduate-studio students, and already we are […]

to the north end. i walked around, took a bunch of photos, plopped down on a bench next to the playground, watched and giggled as a troupe of elementary school kids clambored all over the jungle gym, and sketched with my blue china marker. i forgot my cell phone today, so no one from studio […]

on louis kahn


‘Form is “what.” Design is “how:’ Form is impersonal. Design belongs to the designer…It is the role of design to adjust to the circumstantial.’ ‘From all I have said I do not mean to imply a system of thought and work leading to realization from Form to Design. Designs could just as well lead to […]