Q Drum: Water Transportation Made Easier

Q Drum for water transportation

Q Drum for water transportation

“The Q Drum eases the task of fetching water for peoples in developing nations. Climate change has required a countless number of people all around the world to travel greater distances to retrieve water for everyday use. The Q Drum allows a child to pull the full capacity of 50 liters of water over flat terrain with comparative ease.


regular methods for water transport

regular methods for water transport

Typical methods of water transport include a sundry of containers that must be carried, carted, driven, or hauled by animal or bicycle to and from the water source. This can often mean unhygienic conditions with inappropriate containers and exposure to pathogens, requires high energy output, and is labor intensive and time consuming.”

green upgrader article 


“drive-by WiFi network:”

United Villages

“United Villages, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, developed technology to wirelessly connect isolated villages to the Internet, using Wi-Fi in an unusual way. Using pre-paid cards, locals in remote villages write emails or record phone messages and save their words at computer kiosks installed in schools and community halls—and this is where United Villages comes in. Using what United Villages calls DakNet, buses fitted out with short-range Wi-Fi antennas pass through villages, automatically picking up stored emails and voice messages as they go. Once a bus reaches a city with Internet connectivity, it relays the emails and messages to their appointed destinations via the web.

“We’re becoming the glue that sticks together those areas that have mobile connectivity and those that don’t,” Mr. Hasson explains… In the digital age, doing good needn’t rule out making money.”


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