this afternoon, our studio went on a site visit


to the north end. i walked around, took a bunch of photos, plopped down on a bench next to the playground, watched and giggled as a troupe of elementary school kids clambored all over the jungle gym, and sketched with my blue china marker.

trellis, north end park, boston

trellis, north end park, boston

i forgot my cell phone today, so no one from studio could contact me when we were done, like usual [everyone just kind of ambles and pokes around on their own on site visits, but last time we all came together at the end and went to eat cannolis on hanover street].  feeling a little sad and untethered, i walked into a coffeeshop, ordered a hazelnut hot chocolate, and sat down to read some articles on Eero Saarinen [what i learned this semester: to optimize every minute of my travel time, i should always have some of dan chen’s 4.205 readings printed out and in my bag].  i ended up falling asleep in a fluffy armchair [blame my pseudo-narcolepsy…i really need to get diagnosed].  i woke up to find the sun going down, and some new redhead guy looking inquisitively at me from across the table.

i finished my reading, chucked my hot chocolate in the trash, and walked out of the coffeeshop.  

it’s hard to explain, but i felt so rejuvenated and inspired by just walking around the site, soaking up every bit of the environment, and taking my delightful solo coffee jaunt.  
i adore site visits.  today, i was reminded of why i love being an architecture student.


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