on collars


from a blue-collar economy
to a white-collar economy
to richard florida’s ‘no-collar economy’
to… a green-collar economy?

‘Provocative, personal, and inspirational, New York Times bestseller The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones is not a dire warning but rather a substantive and viable plan for solving the biggest issues facing the country–the failing economy and our devastated environment. From a distance, it appears that these two problems are separate, but when we look closer, the connection becomes unmistakable.’

The Green Collar Economy, Van Jones 2008

i wonder where this one stands on the greenwashing continuum?



also! according to Wikipedia — [which, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica’s former editor Robert McHenry, is ‘fundamentally incapable of rising to a high standard of excellence,’ and, according to WP’s first editor in chief Larry Sanger ‘that the anti-expertise bias among Wikipedians foreshadows the death of accuracy in scholarship’…]

— the spectrum of collar colors seems to be much more vibrant than i had originally imagined:

the pink-collar worker [white-collar but traditionally ‘female’ like nurses + flight attendants + nannies + secretaries + the like ]

the grey-collar worker [neither white nor blue, somewhere in between…high-tech industrial/agrarian + the like]

the gold-collar worker [two divergent definitions: 1. ‘low-wage, luxury-seeking,’ typically not in college but working in something like retail/food service and therefore think that they are somewhat wealthy and hardworking and have more disposable incomes and so they spend it on material goods.  2. ‘highly-skilled, highly valuable,’ more skilled than their white-collar counterparts…young, college-educated, specialized.]

polka dots, anyone? wordpress-polka-dot-collar1

One Response to “on collars”

  1. Yes, polka dots and maybe even…dare I say it…plaid. But the chic kind of course.

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