the saga of the last piece


today, i worked my usual 8-11pm closing shift at MIT’s Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning.  since i had taken a lengthy nap right before, i had yet to eat dinner, and my lunch [i.e. scraps of whatever edible strewn around my room] was a barely an impressionable event of eight hours ago.  i felt really parched, so while holly was shelving and while i was supposed to be manning the front desk, i scampered downstairs for a quick second to grab a cup of water from the staff room.  

the rotch staff room is one of those places where i try not to spend too much time because at night it has the aura of a space that tries too hard to be active and social, but ends up with a dejected, deserted ambience with all of its empty chairs, half-used napkins, and everyone’s random forks tossed in the sink. and also whenever i’m down there i’m extremely paranoid that some irritable grad student is going to approach the front desk and no one will be there to take care of them and they will slam their fat finger on the bell incessantly to which i will have to gallop back upstairs sheepishly and have to deal with a big irate hulabaloo -___-

as i descended down the staircase, i saw a single piece of oreo creme cake sitting on a platter in the middle of the staff table. momentarily distracted, i crept closer, scrutinized the cake platter for a bit, paused, then turned towards the water dispenser to get my water. after i drank my water, i started to leave the room to go back upstairs. but for some reason, the little dark oreo crumbly crunchies sprinkled on top of the whipped cream caught the corner of my eye. i turned around, and stared at single piece of cake on the platter again.





i ate it.



to whoever owned that piece of oreo creme cake, i am truly sorry.
i pray that you will stumble upon a lonely, abandoned piece of pumpkin pie this week.



3 Responses to “the saga of the last piece”

  1. =O my pie!

  2. You make the monotony and mundane so extraordinary Ms. Chu.

  3. 3 Christine

    hi tiff! 🙂

    i just wanted to let you know that i laughed for a full minute at this entry. thank you for making my day! ^^

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