in which i resort to one of my favorite things in the whole world : lists

on my newly decorated wall in my kollegium room

the to do list on a newly decorated wall in my kollegium room

classes i am taking this spring [@ DIS + university of copenhagen]  :
1. danish design
2. interior architecture studio
3. european urban design theories
4. turkey at the crossroads
5. human rights in africa

fully comprehensive list of meals that i have cooked for myself thus far :
1. omelette
2. stir fry vegetables
3. tortellini with tomato sauce
4. ravioli with pesto sauce
5. fried rice
7. fried potatoes
8. cereal

different housing in cph, and what i am jealous of in each :
1. kollegium [where i am living now – the closest to a ‘dorm’ environment, with predominantly international students. more on this in a future post.]
2. host family [well-fedness, i.e. 3 homecooked meals a day…drool.]
3. danish roommate [constant closeness/friendship to a danish peer.]
4. folkehøjskole [a more rural folk high school outside cph with a tight-knit group of danes; also well-fedness.]
5. shared DIS housing [apartment-style right in city center]

americany habits [which i still do but i don’t mean to] that are simply not done in denmark :
1. unnecessarily saying ‘sorry’ all of the time. [i.e. when skooching towards a seat on the bus] – danes might use the word ‘undskyld’…but only very sparingly.
2. jaywalking. [danes on street corners are so patient and law-abiding!   i guess the $200 fine helps…]
3. gabbing loudly on public transportation, asking mundane questions such as ‘how are you doing?!’ [because danes, frankly, do not care…and really when i think about it, neither do we]
4. eating meals with fork in right hand.  instead, the ‘proper’ way here is knife in right hand/fork face down in left hand. [why is this so hard for me to do? i feel neanderthalian, not being able to place food in my mouth in a stable manner. i heard from my visiting sister, rikke, that she wouldn’t be caught DEAD with her fork in her right hand by her mom or else she would get a right scolding]

i wish i had packed :
1. my furry indoor slippers
2. more fiction books
3. trace paper [kicking myself in the shin, i was forced to buy a little roll today for 100 kroner = $20, a;sdfjkl;asdjk;asdf]
4. an extra left glove

things that are less expensive in denmark than in america :
1. wine [can be 15 kroner which is < $3 at Netto, my ultimate savior in grocery store form]
2. that’s it.

travel plans for the semester :
1. feb 27-mar 2: barcelona, w. roger
2. mar 6-8: cruise to oslo, w. keops kollegium krew
3. mar 11-16: chu family comes to visit!  germany??
4. mar 21-28: sweden/finland [including stockholm + helsinki], w. architecture study tour
5. mar 29-apr 4: paris/southern france? w. john
6. apr 5-10: istanbul, w. turkey class
7. wknd of apr 25: milan? [for the salone internazionale del mobile, aka the milan furniture design fair]) w. tbd
8. may 18: back in the united states

7 Responses to “in which i resort to one of my favorite things in the whole world : lists”

  1. 1 Joanne

    haha, i love your lists & learning about danish things 🙂 miss you, sending you virtual love from the states!

  2. Thanks for the play by play – loves it. BTW, so jeals you’re abroad, makes me most def want to be aboard so I can have blog entries like yours.

    Plus – so jeals the fam is visiting you, can’t wait to see the photo updates.

    Mailing address NOW – I have a gift for you!!!

  3. 3 inmexico

    I know! The Europeans are so adept at using the fork with the left hand and so good at using fork and knife to scoop up piles of salad too. Also, if you need some inspiration for breakfast food, I found this blog recently:

    Also, your field trips are amazing. I am especially envious of your field trip to the land of Alvar Aalto. Take some nice pictures of Aalto style details and furniture for me. haha.

  4. 4 john

    That’s a really great picture – it looks like your profile picture is looking down and reading the todo list.

  5. This sounds like such a lovely time! I can’t wait for your next entry =D

    I decided to quit Next Act, and focus on TKD instead. Kind of sad, but I think it’ll be better in the long run.

  6. I have forgotten who it was but I first found out about your blog from a link posted on Twitter. . Like the stuff I have seen so far and will absolutely return to read more in a while. By the way, are you on Twitter?

  7. breakfast foods should always be high in carbohydrates to provide the energy you need in the mornign :

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