copenhagen café culture


never have i been more excited to do 200 pages of reading for class than when each homework assignment equals trying out a new danish cafe.

on my daily journey home from school, i pass at least ten cafes, and they’re not just any euro-ish starbucks or panera-esque chain appendage — but all so charming and full of character.  [and in my opinion, so individually worth the 40 dkk/$8 that copenhagen has decided is a normal price for hot chocolate…]  my happiness level seems to be directly correlated to the number of hours per day that i spend in a coffeeshop.

>> there is Paludan Bøger on Fiolstræde [an adorable walking street], which is also an antique bookshop with delicately wrought iron chairs and has become my favorite for a quick getaway between classes.

>> and Robert’s Café [now called ‘The Living Room’ in a questionably psychedelic font] with huge brown leather armchairs and lit only with candles + a fireplace, is so incredibly cozy/dark that sometimes i can’t distinguish between reading + dozing off.

>> Jazz Kælderen on Skindergade plays the best background music, doubles as a record store, and is slightly raised above ground level so you can look at everyone’s gorgeously blonde windswept hair/balding spot.

>> Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus down the street from my kollegium in nørrebro is quite a good studying environment with the added value of its chuckle-worthy name.

>> and my most recent favorite:




i am currently sitting at the Laundromat Cafe on elmegade — where JD says he has been every single day this past weekend — and four washers + a dryer rumble comfortingly in the background, amidst rows of color-coded bookshelves.  [perhaps not the most efficient system, but rather aesthetically pleasing.]  one man is sipping wine and playing solitaire, one couple is giggling and smooching over a game of backgammon, a few students are catching up on reading homework, and two mothers are hanging up their laundry to dry.

9 Responses to “copenhagen café culture”

  1. I’m so jealous!


    Glad you’re having a wonderful time!

  2. 2 Joanne

    reading your blog makes me happy! ❤ cafes.

  3. 1. I am extremely jealous – I have to continually deal with American ubiquitiousness; now studying at a Starbucks doesn’t seem as cool and out of the ordinary
    2. Laundry and a cafe – how un-American? Simply divine.
    3. Mailing address?????

  4. 4 inmexico

    ahhh europe is so designed! laundromats in the bronx definitely don’t look as cool and hip.

  5. 8 dollar hot chocolates would make me unhappy

  6. wahh, I wish I could go to a quaintish european cafe shop

  7. 7 Andle

    sup . .
    hell cool idea ay
    wat u up to?

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