danish architectural center [independent field study 2]

mar 19 09


“Pragmatic Utopianism!” declares Bjarke Ingels from behind an designerly cluttered desk full of books and models.

in a realm where architecture “seems entrenched between two equally unfertile fronts: either naively utopian or petrifyingly pragmatic,” B.I.G. strives to “operate in the fertile overlap between the two opposites.”


choosing the middle path.

masters of compromise.

dividing and conquering.


i will admit, this was one of the most eye-catching and provocative exhibits i have ever experienced.  even though i would dub it slightly presumptuously rebellious, i broke down and bought the book for 200 dkk.  despite its rather verbose back cover*, i am mesmerized by this revolutionary (too strong of a term at this point?) archicomic layout, its thoughtful commentary on design process, urbanism, and cross-disciplinary allusions, and its impish graphics.  will this exhibit be trailblazing?  i think it has definitely put Danish Architecture on the map.  i will not be surprised if it becomes an oft-chased-after item on arch-kiosk@mit.edu in the near future.

*”Less is only more as far as dimensions go — the ability to encompass as many dimensions as possible (more) with as few expenses as possible (less).  As a design parameter for an aesthetic retro minimalism this only amounts to idiosyncratic architectural idiocy.”


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