sustainable technologies [symposium 6 + reading]

march 13 09


Sustainable design news just comes in such huge gales everyday, especially in denmark, that i am starting to view this country as one big wind turbine taking all of these news stories, blowing them around, and using it to power its own national branding as the greenest place in the world.

in a good way.

what i think are some of the most commendable danish sustainability habits:

-the biking (do i need to praise this more)

-wide usage of motion sensor/energy-saving lights

-small button and big buttom for flushing toilets (why dont i see this in the US more often…)

-plethora of wind turbines [can be seen from oresund, the harbor, nordhavn, amager strand, etc.]

-bringing back glass bottles to grocery stores in return for kroner, paying for the use of plastic bags

-how excited the entire country is about COP15, and how many sustainability competitions/events/art exhibitions are being dedicated to it around copenhagen (like CODE 09: Copenhagen Design Week, Danish Design Week)

-many student-driven initiatives, such as the minimum-carbon-footprint Green Lighthouse at Kobenhavns Universitet

-Denmark has been fairly successful in integrating sustainable development into policy rather smoothly, with relatively little opposition and general support from the Danish people

-how danish energy companies are looking internationally to show other countries how to be more sustainable (example: CHINA)

what denmark could improve upon:

-why is it ‘not done’ to ask for take-away boxes at restaurants?  so much food is wasted at the end of meals!

-i don’t think my kollegium has a process for recycling paper products

-perhaps jump on the piezoelectricity bandwagon?  perhaps harvest electricity not only from foot traffic, but also bike traffic, waves in harbor [idea explored in the sustainable charrette!]??

-how is denmark addressing cradle-to-cradle / waste-to-food issues?


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  1. Outstanding information=) Will come back again soon!!

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