walking tour of copenhagen [group field study 2]

apr 22 09

at 9am on a wednesday in late april, it was a gorgeous day to be walking around and taking in the beautiful functionality of the city.

one of the most elegant danish designs that i have seen are the hanging street lamps that are ubiquitous throughout the older neighborhoods.  i had been skipping around downtown for 3 months, and it wasn’t until recently that i put my finger on a big reason why it was so pleasant:  i didn’t have to swerve around on the sidewalks to avoid huge streetlamp poles!  [not something that could be said for new york, boston, san francisco…]


we also walked by thorvaldsens museum, which is enveloped by a spacious plaza that is cobblestoned nicely and even boasts an abstract art piece [sculpture to represent water] in the middle.  courtney commented, ‘this place is so dead that not even dogs want to go there.’  why is that?


a single embarrassed tree seems to stand wobbly at the corner, a vague attempt to anchor the plaza to something more solid.  i think the main problem is that the area receives barely any sunlight throughout the course of the day, due to the large national museum hulk behind it.  how to fix this?  it probably will not get any better by adding benches, another abstract sculpture, or more embarrassed trees.  across the canal, where the sun is much more present, there are developing businesses and they holds beautiful potential for al fresco dining and gathering places.

maybe this plaza is simply an open space that should really not be open.  perhaps it would be a good location for building future museum exhibits or expansion.  an example of a public space that should not be forced to wear a costume that it cannot pull off.


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