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a question indirectly posed to me by sam kronick one late lasercuttery night, and one that i am starting to rethink this semester:   is studio really the best-designed environment for design?   what makes doing your design work in studio better than, say, in your nicely-decorated dorm room?  or the buzzy woodshop?  or one […]

never have i been more excited to do 200 pages of reading for class than when each homework assignment equals trying out a new danish cafe. on my daily journey home from school, i pass at least ten cafes, and they’re not just any euro-ish starbucks or panera-esque chain appendage — but all so charming […]

jutland jaunts


last weekend, the architecture + design program went on a study tour to western denmark – including the cities of arhus, aalborg, and kolding.  they all reside on the jutland peninsula, which forms the mainland of denmark and ‘juts’ like a finger into the north/baltic seas: the cities in western denmark are just like smaller, […]

classes i am taking this spring [@ DIS + university of copenhagen]  : 1. danish design 2. interior architecture studio 3. european urban design theories 4. turkey at the crossroads 5. human rights in africa fully comprehensive list of meals that i have cooked for myself thus far : 1. omelette 2. stir fry vegetables […]

after getting to know mainly copenhagen city center for the past two weeks, my European Urban Design Theories [EUDT] professor scooped us up from class this afternoon and whisked us to the metro.  i love the metro here because the big windows  grant me this view if i squeesh into the very front cart: our […]

i stepped off the plane last weekend, right into the welcoming arms of 1) my wonderful new danish visiting family and 2) a grey, damp, overhanging mist whose icy fingers tickled the bone marrow of my sunshine-worshipping skeleton. [little did i know that mister icy mist would would be looking over my shoulder…every…day.  anders, who […]