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over the past few years, the messenger bag has established itself pretty well as a status symbol. i would say that the TIMBUK2 ‘classic messenger’ is to outdoorsy bobos as the birkin bag is to aspiring lindsay lohans. with high-tech ‘stylistic utility’ features like  “LTD Grip Fabric exterior in a never before seen 4 panel […]

riding the T extensively this past week, my face was inundated by all of these new dentyne ads.  at first glance, i felt like i was sort of drowning in the excessive amounts of pda all around me…but then after realizing that it was a clever call to humanity to tangibly reconnect with our loved […]

Q Drum: Water Transportation Made Easier “The Q Drum eases the task of fetching water for peoples in developing nations. Climate change has required a countless number of people all around the world to travel greater distances to retrieve water for everyday use. The Q Drum allows a child to pull the full capacity of […]