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the days are so much longer now — after studio ends at 17:00, i have nearly 3 whole hours to sit and read at a park, before i have to hop from sunspot to sunspot to escape the creeping evening shadows. another reason (and probably most importantly) why i adore copenhagen 1 googolplex times more […]

never have i been more excited to do 200 pages of reading for class than when each homework assignment equals trying out a new danish cafe. on my daily journey home from school, i pass at least ten cafes, and they’re not just any euro-ish starbucks or panera-esque chain appendage — but all so charming […]

i stepped off the plane last weekend, right into the welcoming arms of 1) my wonderful new danish visiting family and 2) a grey, damp, overhanging mist whose icy fingers tickled the bone marrow of my sunshine-worshipping skeleton. [little did i know that mister icy mist would would be looking over my shoulder…every…day.  anders, who […]

studio, who are you? traditionally, you are supposed to be one large room for the sole purpose of being an artist’s workspace…a beautiful breeding ground of creativity, visioning, and inspiration.  but you can also be a bleeding mound of frustration.  you swallow architecture students for eons at a time, enslaving them to that spiraling, nonlinear […]

1. Accept yourself, but expect more of yourself. 2. Keep an empty shelf, and keep a junk drawer. 3. Take yourself less seriously–and take yourself more seriously.  4. Use your time efficiently, yet make time to play, to wander, to read at whim, to fail. 5. Think about yourself so you can forget yourself.  6. […]