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studio, who are you? traditionally, you are supposed to be one large room for the sole purpose of being an artist’s workspace…a beautiful breeding ground of creativity, visioning, and inspiration.  but you can also be a bleeding mound of frustration.  you swallow architecture students for eons at a time, enslaving them to that spiraling, nonlinear […]

today, i worked my usual 8-11pm closing shift at MIT’s Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning.  since i had taken a lengthy nap right before, i had yet to eat dinner, and my lunch [i.e. scraps of whatever edible strewn around my room] was a barely an impressionable event of eight hours ago.  i felt […]

“Community and Privacy – Building in Earthtexture. A Coming Together Place How can we design a building that will be a “coming together” celebration and can help achieve peace? What does this building want to be, and how can it also express the spirit of society?”   We are fourth-undergraduate-studio students, and already we are […]

to the north end. i walked around, took a bunch of photos, plopped down on a bench next to the playground, watched and giggled as a troupe of elementary school kids clambored all over the jungle gym, and sketched with my blue china marker. i forgot my cell phone today, so no one from studio […]