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i left copenhagen about a month ago.  in the interim, ive spent some time with the home clan in new jersey, with the school clan at MIT, weekending at dartmouth, a little bit in new york city, and now i am settled in the bay area for the summer. like i wrote in my Dear […]

russell and i stood atop that regal iceberg in Stortorget, and delivered jewels of information about stockholm’s old city to our faithful student subjects down below.  it was a mildly intense feeling, giving a presentation about a place that we had modeled in detail and labored over for a week in studio – and now […]

a conversation snippet about design with a non-design person: John: design people always add some part that doesnt make senseand put a question mark next to itlike…curves -> planesplanes -> objectsobjects -> 4D?? strikingly insightful… when i see concept boards for the beginning of some design project’s life cycle, they are littered with grand [and […]

after getting to know mainly copenhagen city center for the past two weeks, my European Urban Design Theories [EUDT] professor scooped us up from class this afternoon and whisked us to the metro.  i love the metro here because the big windows  grant me this view if i squeesh into the very front cart: our […]